Web Automation and Site Development

We offer web development services, beyond web site and page design.

Our web development services are designed to automate your paper-based process by converting paper-based documents to online forms.

Examples are:

  • Automate an application submission process. For this sample application process, not only are the multipart application forms created and managed online, but a full and complex administrative management panel allows the administrator to track the progress of applicants, convert relevant portions of their applications to pdf format for emailing to the hiring manager, downloading selected common data into an Excel spreadsheet, as well as automate ranking of the applicants based on pre-determined criteria.
  • Create and manage a database of users by capturing and storing user entered data for retrieval and analysis.
  • Email creator and sender - allows customization of an email template - uses a database to automatically send a personalized copy of the created email.
  • Calculation of accurate GPS information from addresses to enable geographic proximity searches - e. g.,finding all professionals in the database within 25 miles of Albuquerque
  • Online test - features automated grading and options for instructor comments.

Examples are shown below.

WorkFlow adminstrative console
WorkFlow Intern Application (partial)
WorkFlow Intern Application (part 2)
WorkFlow Intern Application (part 3)